Danpaati River Lodge


Our All-Inclusive (standard) package includes:

  • Accommodations for the given periods in a river/woods-cabin (max 2 people)/family-cabin (max 5  people) or multi cabin (max  3 people)
  • All meals (2 warm meals en 1 breakfast meal)
  • Coffee, tea, water
  • All transportation
  • All mentioned below activities

The following excursions:

  • Tour of the Village
  • Nature walk
  • Late night caiman spotting

All other activities are optional.

This excludes all other (alcoholic) drinks from the bar. These will be paid for at the end of your stay.

All-inclusive package  based on woods/river cabin/multi cabin/family cabin price p.p/ €
Danpaati all-incl 3 day bus/boot (v.v.) 335,-
Danpaati all-incl 4 day bus/boot (v.v.) 395,-
Danpaati all-incl 5 day bus/boot (v.v.) 455,-

* It is possible to extend your stay if you wish to do so.
Extension: 100,- per night if you extend for more than 4 nights. (exclusive excursions)

All-inclusive packages based on Luxury-cabana price p.p / €
Danpaati all-incl 3 day bus/boot v.v. 385,-
Danpaati all-incl 4 day bus/boot v.v. 450,-
Danpaati all-incl 5 day bus/boot v.v. 535,-

The packages above can only be booked starting at 2 people.

  • Departure: every monday, wednesday, friday and sunday. Other days could be scheduled during booking.
  • If one person wishes to visit Danpaati, he/she will have to pay a 25% additional fee of the package price.
  • We also offer special holiday prices (These differ from our standard pricing). These will be mentioned on our facebook page.
  • It is also possible to visit Danpaati by plane. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation on what the perfect package is for you!

Excluded excursions

Boat-tour to the surrounding areas Pricing in €
Per person (starting at 6 people)*
Tapawatra day-excursion (rapids) 30
Bihati beach-experience 5 (starting at 5 people)
Marron museum (including entree) 15
Cultural activities and workshops  Pricing in €
Traditional massage (20 min)
Traditional massage (30 min)
10,00 p.p.
12,50 p.p.
Cultural performance (pricing per group) 50

*a group consists of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 people

For more detailed information on all the packages, click here.