Danpaati River Lodge


Where is Danpaati River Lodge?

Danpaati River lodge is situated on an island in the Upper-Suriname River. It is around
200 km to the south of the capital city, Paramaribo. In the middle of the tropical rain forest,
between the pristine nature of the Amazon and the many little villages, you can find the
Danpaati River Lodge. The Island can be reached by road & boat, plane & boat or by helicopter.

Please note that we cannot guarantee a specific time of arrival due to the dependence of
the weather and water levels.

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Reaching us by road & boat

The first part contains a 3 hour drive (car/bus) over the Afobaka- and Bronsroad, where you can see the urban environments of Suriname shift into pristine nature. During that part of the trip you can prepare yourself for the moment you will see the beauty of the Amazon. The bus ride stops at Atjoni. This is where the road ends and the boat trip on the Upper-Suriname River begins. These boats are hand carved out of tree trunks by the locals. The boat ride will take up to 3 hours until you reach the Lodge. During these 3 hours you will see the different villages, experience how they live and have been living for many generations: the local woman doing their dishes, while children play on the side of the river. You will see birds in the sky, monkeys in the trees and even caiman on the side of the river.

Reaching us by plane

It is also possible to reach the Lodge by plane. You will fly to Botopasi and from there you will have to go
10 minutes by boat. Ask for the options at your booking.