Danpaati River Lodge


General information

“The ambience at Danpaati River Lodge is incredible. The moment when you arrive you are welcomed with open arms and you immediately feel at home. The staff does their utmost best to make your trip into one you will not easily forget” At Danpaati River Lodge you can immerse yourself […]


Enjoy the wide variety of facilities at Danpaati River Lodge. There is a pool and for the yoga-lover we especially designed a yoga-deck. But actually you will not need a lot when visiting Danpaati River Lodge. You can simply relax in your hammock, read a book or take a dive […]

Socially responsible

“Your visit to Danpaati River Lodge is socially responsable” Bring a visit to the day-nursery and the mediacenter in the village Dan, that was developed thanks to the profit that is made in the lodge, thanks to our visitors. Do you have a talent? The children are open to all […]


The Island has a few three-person cabins for families or groups of three persons. This cabin has a two-persons bed and a one-person bed. You have a beautiful balcony with a hammock. The cabin is fully equipped; it has a mosquito net, towels and cloth. Take a look at our […]


The Island also has ten comfortable two-person cabins. On the riverside there are seven two-person cabins with two separate beds, each having its own mosquito net. These cabins all have electricity and are stocked with towels and blankets. Your balcony is just an arms length away from the Upper-Suriname River, where you lay […]


We have three luxury cabins for special occasions. These are the most spacious cabins and are equipped with a queen-size bed and a sofa bed. The cabins come with a beautiful balcony on a high plateau along with the most spectacular view of the river. The cabins all have a mosquito net and […]


Our family-cabin is a spacious two-to-six persons cabin. The multi-cabin normally features five separate one-person beds, each having its own mosquito net. If the group is bigger, the possibility exists  to set up extra beds. The multi-cabin is an ideal accommodation for a big family or a group of friends, when it […]