Danpaati River Lodge

Healthcare project

The Healthcare project exists for over 15 years now and was established in association with the 12 surrounding villages, with a residence of over 8000 people. The project’s initiative was started by several home-care organizations from the Netherlands, which are still sponsoring the project to this day. The project was started because there was a lack of healthcare in the 12 villages.

Among the locals, many of the young men leave the villages to find work in the capital or even move to France-Guyana, in hopes of a better future. The women usually stay behind to take care of the children and their elders. They also have their own little plantations, where they grow vegetables and fruits. Some of the older or sick village members are left on their own, uncared for. Young daughters take over the tasks left by their mothers and babysit their younger siblings, therefore they do not have time for education.

The healthcare project, under supervision of a Dutch nurse, has educated up to 40 local women to become village health workers. They are then tasked with visiting the village elders and support them by providing daily physical care and domestic chores.

We have also placed 3 day-care centers in the area. At which 15 people work.
Every year they receive a special training program.


This project is under supervision from a local health-coordinator, appointed by the board of project’s foundation, Bonama (we do it together). The foundation’s board consists of six people, three chosen by the locals and three chosen by the main sponsors.

There is a strong teamwork between Danpaati River Lodge and the Bonama foundation, in which Danpaati provides the finances and the logistics for the heathcare project. The Lodge itself also helps with the development of the village. We provide many jobs, and stimulate the locals to do business with the Lodge, such as selling fruits & vegetables, woodwork and other souvenirs.

DSC_1820With your stay at Danpaati, you’re directly helping the completion of these projects. If you want to help us even more, you can sign up for “Friends of Danpaati“.