Danpaati River Lodge

General information


  • Kano-varen
  • Traditioneel vissen of met een werphengel
  • Traditionele massage
  • Verlenging met jungle expeditie
  • Yoga (op aanvraag)
  • Zelfstandige wandeling op het eiland
  • Bootexcursies
  • Dorpswandeling
  • Boswandeling
  • Culturele show
  • Workshops
  • Saamaka Marronmuseum

“The ambience at Danpaati River Lodge is incredible. The moment when you arrive you are welcomed with open arms and you immediately feel at home. The staff does their utmost best to make your trip into one you will not easily forget”

At Danpaati River Lodge you can immerse yourself into the unspoilt beauty of the wild nature, learn all about the Maroon culture or simply relax in your hammock while enjoying the incredible view over the Upper-Suriname river. By visiting our lodge you contribute to the social community project that is set up with the surrounding villages.

danDanpaati is suitable for everyone that is looking for a unique holiday. There are several activities possible. Either if you are looking for adventure or relaxation. You can make guided jungle and village hikes, take a swim in the river and learn about the local culture.

Thanks to it’s visitors and sponsors Danpaati River Lodge has established a social project in collaboration with Dan, the village just across the river. The lodge also creates employment for local people, by offering them to work at the lodge. Due to a close collaboration with the villages, you will be visited with open arms! Because the lodge is located a little bit further south, the Maroon traditions and culture is kept most intact.

Another unique fact about the lodge is that you can swim in the river safely. There are no rapids passing web-danpaati-hartthe lodge and there is a stepladder connecting the yoga-deck to the beach. The island has paved walking paths, which makes it possible for the guests to make an individual walk on the island. At night we will lit the torches while you enjoy a delicious and healthy meal.

During the day you can take a drink or snack in the lounge. 

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