Danpaati River Lodge

Socially responsible

“Your visit to Danpaati River Lodge is socially responsable”

Bring a visit to the day-nursery and the mediacenter in the village Dan, that was developed thanks to the profit that is made in the lodge, thanks to our visitors. Do you have a talent? The children are open to all sorts of activities that help them in their developments; such as giving a singing workshop, theater, film and other activities. Ofcourse you can also donate money, books or other gifts to the village.

DSC_5714Care for the environment stands on the first place for all employees of Danpaati River Lodge. The project started in 1994 and since then, different projects were developed. Read more about the healthcare project and the mediacenter!

“That’s what gives you a good feeling; making a difference for the local community by visiting Danpaati River Lodge!”